Social Media Marketing of Food Squad in Faisalabad

Social Media Marketing Services in Faisalabad: We have always provided our best services to our customers to get a 100% positive review from them.

Alhamdulillah we have given the same Service to Food Squad.

On their opening we are providing our best services to get 100% result for their marketing, the first day on food squad blogger come & meet up with food squad people and give a positive review for their best services. Their positive reviews matter both for us (food squad & us) because we are giving marketing.

And there is also drum jum session for the people the team of drum jum is coming from Lahore, people enjoying a lot of it’s a new thing first time lunched in FSD. That’s why people were so excited about that night. When people were happy & give a positive review to the food squad that was a happy moment of us. We are proud that the way we are worked.


Our team meet-up was very good with food squad it’s our pleasure to work with them, we are also enjoyed very well on the opening ceremony of food squad. Our best team doing their best job & our clients give the best review to our hard work that really matters for us.

There is also an arranged family dinner for the people who will enjoy their time with their family. People come and enjoy their best family time on the food squad.

On the next day, we are planed a couple to meet up on the food squad. And the response of the people is very much that we estimate & it’s a very good review for us that our marketing helps food squad to reach more people. On that day all the couples come and enjoyed lots of with live singing (Maan Awan) on food squad. It’s such a great evening that we have arranged.

After this back to back great events that we hold on food squad, on grand opening our excitement is overloaded because we have lots of positive reviews from people that tell us our hard work is very good and people enjoyed. On that day food squad arranges qawali night for people, they enjoyed a lot on qawali night. All of such great events people have also enjoyed food on the food squad.

We are very thankful that our client was very happy about our hard work and give us a positive review. And we also thankful to Allah Almighty to give us this opportunity without the help of Allah we are not giving our best services.

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