How to Create a Successful Social Media Campaign

Most People say Social Media is successful if it starts giving you sales. It’s a Big No. Thinking about sales is Short Term thinking. Long-term thinking is “Will your Social Media gives you sales after 2 years? Without investing money at that time?” If the answer is yes, then your Social Media is successful, if the answer is no and you will need investment even after 2 years of hard work. Your strategy needs to be changed.

How to Create Successful Social Media Campaign?

Today we are going to talk about How to create a successful Social Media campaign from scratch. In this guide, you will get a complete solution for your Social Media Marketing problems. The recipe for successful Social Media Marketing is given below.

  1. Competitor Analysis
  2. Strategy Building
  3. Content Creation/Curation
  4. Graphics Designing
  5. Publishing
  6. Engagement

Before getting right into the steps. Keep 1 thing in mind that the best practice to build a page is to get engagement from your followers. All this hustle is to get our followers to engage on our page to keep it alive. A dead page is that which is lost far in a follower’s news feed because he doesn’t engage on that page anymore.

How Does Social Media work in the case of Businesses?

Any Social Media is a platform built to entertain its users. Social Media shows a user what he/she likes most to see and it gets the idea from her/his engagement that if she/he is liking the content or not. If they are engaging somewhere Social Media will show that type of content again to them. This shows us that if we want to keep our page alive. We have to make our followers engaged.

The more the engagement, the more the reach of the page.

Reach is directly proportional to Engagement

Let’s get into our step to step guide about how to do Facebook Marketing?

Importance of Competitor Analysis in SMM

Looking for your competitor is the far the best strategy in any type of marketing as it gives you those ideas about your target audience and product which you don’t know. Watching your competitor’s work will give you an idea about what type of content is working in your niche, what type of audience is there in your niche in specific geo, what type of graphics and creatives are working, and most likely what type of campaigns are not working.

Always look for Competitor

Look for multiple competitors and take note of every step they took in their Social Campaign and the results of those campaigns to start with yours.

Importance of Strategy Building in SMM

Got the notes from your competitors? Good, because those gonna help you a lot in this step. Now start writing your targets on paper. targets, like What, do you actually want to accomplish? Why did you choose Facebook? Who is your target audience? What is the age of your target audience? What does your target audience normally do? What do they like? Why do they want to buy your service/product?

After Completing writing your targets on paper you will have a Social Cheat Sheet about your business with you. Now start writing post ideas by keeping that cheat sheet in mind. Post ideas that can be clicked by your target audience. Don’t write for your brand (Honestly, nobody cares nowadays about you.) Write to them. Write something they like and get willing to know more about that. This will help you gain engagement on your page. Keep giveaways, contests, questions, queries, etc in your content. See Top 10 post ideas to increase and Maintain Reach and Engagement.

Content Creation/Curation in SMM

Start typing content, get ideas from the internet or your competitors or write your own. Content must be short in length between 14 to 18 words for post description and 2 to 3 words for Graphical view and must be brief about your idea. Those 2 to 3 words you design for your graphics must contain a whole story in them. That will be creative writing. That will take some hard work, but rest assured it will pay you back.

Write Post ideas for the period of time e.g. 1 month or 1 week and research for all the upcoming events in this period of time. If any big event is coming, include those event-based content ideas also in your campaign, because people like to engage with content they can relate to.

Look for any viral content in your area, any viral news, etc., and see if you can settle that up with your brand or your story. Including that viral thing in your story can save your day in terms of engagement and reach.

Importance of Graphics Designing in SMM

Graphics designing has its own impact on getting noticed and understanding the post. An eye-catching graphics can make your viewer stop and read what you are saying.

Graphics can make your post GLOW when others are FADING.

Play with different sizes of posts by keeping an eye on required sizes by the social media platforms. See Social Media Post Size Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn

Graphics Designing is more like a Story Telling

Try to hire a graphics designer from freelancing platforms like Fiverr etc. Or if you want to do that yourself be smart. Don’t make your graphics too much heavy for your user to digest and don’t make too much light to fly away without getting noticed. Keep your branding in your graphics, Maintain color tone so that you can be recognized without looking at the logo. Maintain your theme and fonts etc. Be prestigious and use vectors according to content need. Try not to be dirty in graphics because your graphics can be your front face.

Publishing strategy in SMM

Your time of publishing posts on Social Media matters a lot. No One uses social media 24/7, they only use Social Media when they are free or bore or they don’t have anything to do. We have searched and tested the Best times to Post on Social Media.

Write down those times in your calendar and try to post on those times and it will get you the most engagement and reach. You can also schedule your posts at those times.

Engagement Metrics in SMM

Engaging back to your customers on your posts will begin the chain of success. Engaging back to your customers can bring you more engagement and reach. Don’t forget to answer a query in the comments and if there is a normal comment try to convert that into a conversation. The more comments, the more engagement, and reach.

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