Top 10 Post Ideas to Increase Social Media Engagement and Reach

You can increase social media engagement by two different methods. Organically or by Paying to Social Media. Bringing Engagement and reach to your page organically is tricky but Bringing paid reach is also not so much easy.

In this article, I am going to cover Top 10 Post ideas to maintain your Engagement organically. See How to boost your Facebook Page like a pro.

Social Media has grown moody by giving priority to its users, not their businesses. Yes! We are paying 1000s of $ and in the end, we are getting UX modules, etc. Well, let’s learn about how to utilize Social Media Properly rather than crying like me. 😀

Post ideas to Increase Social Media Engagement

Before starting just remember, people nowadays don’t have time to see and notice everything. Our brain works as a filter now to save us from unnecessary information. There are too many options and much less time to choose. We must stand apart from others to get noticed. We must get in touch with our followers to get into their memories.

As Marty Neumeier says:

There are 1348 brands of cameras out there! How will you choose what to buy?

Here are some ideas about posts to get better organic Engagement.

  • Run a Contest
  • Giveaways
  • Ask a Question
  • Show your behind the scenes
  • Share worthy knowledge
  • Share your failures
  • Share your achievements
  • Go Live
  • Post videos
  • Talk about them

We have researched and tested about Best times to post on Social Media Platforms.

Important Notice: You cannot ask directly to your user to engage with your content. You have to be tricky in your wording. If you go direct and say in your post something like “tag your friend” or “tag someone” or “comment below” etc. you will be going against some of Social Media Platforms TOS and could get banned. So we have to be tricky while doing this type of campaign.

Don’t ask directly or your post will be stopped from gettng reach

Let’s get started:

Run a contest

Everybody loves to be a part of the game. Even if they cannot win they still want to join the game just for fun. But if they get a chance to win anything, they would love to get engaged and compete. Running a contest can make your post viral sometimes.

Post about some words game or scrabble or any maze, people love to be a part of these types of short games especially if they could win something.

Giveaways and increase social media engagement

Straight giveaways can also bring you a handful of Engagement. Just try not to be straight about telling them to tag someone. You can go like “If your name starts with A, O, J, L, and M, you can win.” or “If you are born in November. You can win.”

This way people with surely tag someone or many others in their friend list without you asking them to tag. Go Tricky and you will get a lot.

Ask a Question

Ask a simple short question. People don’t have time to answer the question which makes them think a lot, Questions like “What will you do in the evening today?” or “What do you want to do in your life?” makes people think a lot and makes them feel that ignoring this post can be an easier option.

Try to be specific about your brand and ask questions which they can relate to their daily life. “Do you like Coke or Pepsi?” or “Fried Chicken and “Ketchup?” or “Chili Sauce” or “Both?”.” Questions like these can get answers from your followers. Try to be specific about the question and design the question which can be answered quickly and shortly.

Show your Behind the Scenes

Your followers love to see how you work, show them some behind the scenes, show them the whole mess you are going through to provide the product, service they are getting from you. Share yourself.

Share Worthy Knowledge

Share some worthy knowledge about your services so that they can learn. If you are a restaurant, share recipes, If you are an e-commerce store, share with them how do you ship their orders. Share something from where they can learn and feel that your page is adding some value to their lives.

Talk about them not about your business as no body cares nowadays.

Share your Failures

This is a fact, that no one is perfect nowadays, no brand is perfect, no company is perfect. Just be yourself, share your failures also, you will get a soft corner in the heart of your followers once they notice you sharing your failures. People love when someone is honest with them. Share your flaws and how you fight to recover them.

Share your Achievements

Though this does not make much impact in getting proper engagement but sharing your achievements with the world makes you satisfy and motivated to grow more and grow better. As you gather information about your achievements you will get more motivated towards your business and can perform better. So don’t hesitate to share your achievements also.

Going Live on Social Media

Live sessions are getting the most reach on Social Media. So, go live twice a month or once a week and show them your service or behind the scenes. The live session is one of the best ways to recover dead reach. It takes time but it can recover your dead reach.

Posting Videos on Social Media

Videos get 20% more engagement and reach than pictures. Both pictures and videos have their own importance but videos can play and perform better for your Social Media. Try to be specific in your videos. People don’t like long videos, they like short and meaningful videos.

Talk about your audience on Social Media

Talk about your audience’s problems, giving solutions is business but understanding the problem is market research. Improve your research and talk about your audience’s problems they are facing and how your service or product can solve their problems. People love when someone talks about them, not about their business.

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