Why do you need Social Media Marketing Services

Everybody loves to be social nowadays. No doubt where he or she is, he/she is connected to social media either using Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, etc. There are many other social media platforms and of course, I cannot cover those all in one sitting. This article is for those who are searching for some way to market their business online.

Why do you need Social Media Marketing Services?

Nowadays, marketing is incomplete without taking social media in the loop. No matter what business you are in, your potential customer/consumer is on social media. Traditional marketing is for those who pass through several spots. Social Media Marketing is for those who want their brand to pass through millions of users.

By December 2019, Facebook has over 2.50 Billi0n monthly average users. This includes users of every age, every interest, every location, and your product user. Ahhh just think how many people out there, maybe willing to buy your service or product but can’t.

So, it is necessary for today’s era to reach your consumer in every way possible to maintain your brand live and product active in the market and social media marketing is one of the best ways to do so with a low budget.

Power of Social Media Marketing

Questions I am answering in this article:

  • Is Social Media Marketing Cheap?
  • Is Social Media Marketing Future?
  • What does social media marketing include?
  • What is the most effective way of doing Social Media Marketing?

I am answering only these 4 Questions in this article. I know there are many questions out there you are searching for or asking or want an answer to. But according to me all other questions need a stand-alone article and cannot be covered in this one tiny article.

Is Social Media Marketing Cheap

Tell me 1 thing, how much sugar do you like in your tea? 1 tablespoon? 2 tablespoons? what if I pour 4 tablespoons of sugar into your tea? The tea will get sweeter. What if I pour 8 tablespoons of sugar into your tea? It will become sweeter and you may get diabetes. Social media marketing is a cup of tea and your money is sugar. The only difference is nobody gets diabetes on money sugar. It just makes it sweet more and more. Sweet means more profit. So stop thinking about if social media marketing is cheap or not. Start thinking about how much profit do you want to make from your services or product and in how little time?

Is Social Media Marketing Future?

َYes and you know what, the Future is already here. there are over 4 billion people already surfing social media and some of them could buy your service or product. just give them a chance by approaching them using Social Media. Your Future customer is waiting for you to start your page and campaign so that they can get to know you and contact you.

What does Social Media Marketing Include?

Social Media Marketing includes the following practices:

  1. Competitor Analysis
  2. Strategy Building
  3. Content Creation/Curation
  4. Graphics Designing
  5. Posting Strategy
  6. Engagement with customers

I will write a whole separate article on this topic and will try to elaborate on these steps so that you can get the most help out from us.

What is the most effective way of doing Social Media Marketing?

See for your potential customers that where are they spending most of their time? For Example, if your product is for females of 60+ age. Then Social Media is not the right place for you to start. As your chances of getting sales are much lower than any other way. I will talk about Ways of getting sales other than Social Media. But if your product is for the youngsters’ males and females between the age limit of 15 to 40, then you can start with social media.

The next thing you should do is look for your competitors. what are they doing? and on which types of posts, they are getting engagement.

Remember: You are doing best in Social Media Marketing if atleast 60% of your followers are giving you engagement in a month.

Try to get some data in your notebook from your competitor’s social media campaign style. That will help you a lot in building a strategy for your brand. Go for more competitors and try to fetch as much data as you can. Keep in mind, Data is everything in Social Media Marketing.

Things to notice while getting Data:

  • What are they saying?
  • Who are those who are listening?
  • How many of the listeners are actually engaging?

Then create a campaign for your brand targeting your audience and try to create engaging content because all you need during Social Media Marketing is Engagement.

That’s all for today. See you in the next article. 🙂

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